Green Shop

Keep Austin Green

QualTech Automotive believes in being a green shop. Below are a few ways that we keep our footprint small. We care about your safety and the environment. Feel free to bring any waste oil, coolant or batteries by for safe disposal.

Water Reclaim Tank

Our 620 building uses 100% reclaimed water. Thanks to the tank pictured above we always have water when we need it. No matter how low Lake Travis is, its not our fault.

Waste Oil Shop Heater

Old transmission fluid is used in our shop heater. We purchased a special heater designed to run off of old transmission fluid. The techs can stay warm without using precious propane or natural gas.

Tire Recycling

Used tires are processed and recycled to various mesh sizes of crumb rubber. This rubber becomes the ideal raw material for a wide variety of applications, including molded rubber goods, playground mulch and even sports fields.

Coolant & Engine Oil

We send waste oil and coolant to be recycled. Both are toxic chemicals that can enter the environment if not disposed of properly. Bring any old oil or coolant by and we will dispose of it free of charge.